Dear Families,

Foundation Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school serving kindergarten through middle school students (grades K-8). Since opening our doors in 2007, we have provided a safe, secure, and successful learning environment to our students. We offer a well-rounded education including Art, PE, Spanish, STEM, and extra-curricular sports and clubs.

We partner with parents to support each child throughout each school year. This includes an individualized learning plan for each student that teachers and parents review together throughout the school year.

At Foundation Academy of Mansfield, we provide a safe and secure learning environment. We welcome you to explore Foundation Academy and look forward to the opportunity to serve your family.

Ms. Joann Hipsher,
Retired Head of School

“We, the students, staff, and families of Foundation Academy, are committed to creating a safe and conductive learning environment of respect where children will develop good character and positive relationships while aspiring to achieve academic excellence.”

– Foundation Academy Mission Statement

Community School

Charter/Community schools offer an alternative to the local public school. They are tuition-free and open to all students. Community schools are among the top-performing schools in the nation.
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Educational Approach

Foundation Academy of Mansfield features excellent educational benefits which include: 1) Student Achievement, 2) Family-oriented teaching values, 3) Individualized personal learning plan for every child, 4) Our classroom computers and strategic application of technology develop genuine computer literacy, 5) We offer a well-rounded education including art, PE, Spanish, STEM, and extracurricular sports and clubs.

Student Achievement

Student Achievement

We want to help every student perform at their best. Through professional development, an extra hour added to the school day, instructional practices, and working with parents, we push every student to try to achieve personal academic excellence. Teachers push students to not just accept average, but to be the best they can be.
Family-Oriented Teaching Values

Family-Oriented Teaching Values

We understand that the measure of a student is not just educational ability but their character. We try to teach values to build character and form the whole student into a well-rounded person who is responsible, loving, and well educated.
Individualized Learning Plans

Individualized Learning Plans

Each child at Foundation Academy has an Individual Plan developed by the teachers to help set reasonable, measureable goals for success. It’s personal, real, and within reach.
Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology

Computers and technology are a huge part of the world today. We use both to help teach students how to use these tools in the real world, and to make learning more enjoyable and applicable.
Well-rounded education

Well-rounded education

We offer a well-rounded education including Art, PE, Spanish, STEM, and extracurricular sports and clubs. This allows us to reach out to the strengths of each student and to give each student unique experiences across diverse backgrounds.


Our small class size and dedication to a well-rounded education with a specialized focus on core academics and technology make Foundation Academy a great educational environment.


Class Sizes


Accredited by AdvancED


Use of Technology

Our school is part of ACCEL Schools, an established network of more than 40 charter and community schools located throughout the U.S. We serve more than 11,500 students nationwide.
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