Free Public Charter School in Mansfield, Ohio

Committed to creating a safe learning environment where children develop good character while aspiring to achieve academic excellence.


Foundation Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school serving Kindergarten through middle school students (grades K-8) in Mansfield, Ohio.

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Academic Excellence

We offer a well-rounded education including art, PE, Spanish, STEM, and extracurricular sports and clubs.

Individualized Learning

We partner with parents to support each child throughout each school year. This includes an individualized learning plan for each student that teachers and parents review together throughout the school year.


Overall Value Added, 2017


Progress Component Grade, 2017


Extra-Curricular Programs

Foundation Academy
“My great granddaughter started there at the beginning of her school life. She is now in the fourth grade. If you’re looking for a quality school for your children, or even have the knowledge of children starting their school life, then Foundation Academy is my recommendation. They have great leadership, teachers, and others there working to help the children to learn and grow. Their doors of communication between parents and whoever has the care of the child are always open if a problem starts. The leadership and all involved with the children are there to be sure the child gets a quality education with extra fun activities. So if you’re looking for a quality school, then I truly recommend Foundation Academy.”

- Ron Gibson


Events for Prospective Families

Discover what makes us different from other schools. We invite you and your family to meet our teachers and staff and learn more about our school culture and curriculum.

Open Tour Times
School Year: Monday – Friday | 7:30 AM – 4 PM
Summer: Monday – Friday | 8 AM – 2:30 PM
Call to schedule an appointment – (419) 526-9540