There simply aren’t enough positive things that I can say about Foundation Acadamy!
My son, who has been attending the school since second grade, now in fourth, was on the verge of being a labeled a child with a learning disability.
Prior to attending Foundation Acadamy, Zachariah attended a non city public school, from pre k to 1st grade. Unfortunately, that school as well as the administrators didn’t put much effort into helping me, help my child despite my many requests for some kind of intervention.
When Zachariah began Foundiation Acadamy he was a second grader, with a reading, writing and comprehension level of a mid grade kindergartener. After a few round table intervention conversations with the administration, who I must say were more than willing to offer whatever help that Zachariah needed in order to succeed. They even offered to have him tested to see if he in fact needed an IEP or set intervention plan. Which in public schools, is like trying to pull teeth, trust me!
After coming to the conclusion that Zachariah was in a vulnerable state with his learning, instead of opting to just label him (my decision) added after school tutoring school in addition to in class intervention at zero cost to me!
Still, Zachariah struggled, he passed second grade at a better reading level than what he began at, however he was still 8 levels under “par”.
At the first parent teacher conference, Zachariah’s third grade teacher shared my same concerns, we agreed to look deeper into any other issues that may be affecting his ability to progress academically.
I took Zachariah to Nationwide Children’s to be assessed. The doctors came to the conclusion, written in black and white that my son was in the “danger zone” of defiantly having a learning disability.
You may wonder why this is even relevant, well, because what happened following their assessment is absolutely incredible and the reason I’m writing this testimonial!
After getting the results and meeting again with Zach’s teacher as well as the administration, we decided not to put Zach on an IEP just yet, but to up the anti on how we attack the situation head on.
So, the school offered again, free intervention during school hours with extra focus on making sure Zachariah was engaged, as well as one week night tutoring session, at no cost.
His third grade teacher, who I cannot say enough wonderful things about, agreed to tutor Zachariah privately, two nights a week.
(Yes, there was a cost for her time, however it was and still is well worth the investment into my sons future)
Zachariah, the staff, his teacher as well myself worked very hard over the course of the school year to get Zach where he needed to be, he jumped up 8 reading levels, made merit role at least two times, and after one failed attempt at passing the mandated Ohio Air Test, he not only passed the language arts potion, he scored accelerated!!!!!!
My son, who was on the verge of being labeled, is now one of the proudest fourth graders, who is currently one grade away from making honor roll!!!!
(I opted to continue his tutoring during the summer break, and though he’s doing great, he’s still being tutored privately. So he doesn’t lose any traction or fall behind because fourth grade is no joke!)
Zachariah’s made so much progress, worked so hard and now walks with a new confidence, knowing that he can do anything he puts his mind to!!
As a parent, we want our children to succeed and it’s painful to see them struggle.
This school and the amazing staff, went above and beyond for my child!!!
I can not recommend Foundation Acadamy enough!!!
If you’re on the fence of where to send your child, this is the place!!!
They love the kids, work with the parents and in my opinion, are hands down the best school in this town!
If given the option to send my son to any other school, I’d say no!!!!

I’d like to thank Foundation Acadamy and every single staff member, for the role that you’ve played in my child’s education– because of you’re combined efforts and support, Zachariah is a new boy, who knows he can overcome any obstacle placed in his path, with hard work and determination!!

A truly grateful Mother
LaLania J.