About Us

Welcome to Foundation Academy!

Foundation Academy of Mansfield features some of the Best Teaching Practices…

-Explicit phonics instruction, in conjunction with content-rich classic and multi-cultural literature in the morning session of core subjects.

-Math and science taught as discrete subjects, in the morning session, to cultivate skills essential to academic success.

-Full-day Kindergarten.

-1 to 3 ratio of computers to students.

-Technology applications, including CD-ROMs and Internet sites are woven into the fabric of the curriculum, instead of segregating technology into a separate once-a-week computer class.

-Our classroom computers and strategic application of technology develop genuine computer literacy and allow students to experience the value of the computer as an integrated learning tool across the curriculum.

-Integrated Paragon program in the afternoon, including social science, literature, philosophy, drama, music, art, science, history, math, geography and character development through the hands-on study of “great ideas” in world culture.

-Foreign language for all students beginning in Kindergarten.

-Cross Curricular education, specifically Paragon and Literacy, is integrated into Physical Education, General Music and Art/Art History.

-Approximately one hour per day more instructional time.

-School year increased by twenty days.

-Strong student accountability measured by a national standardized test administered twice each year.

-Individualized personal learning plan for every child.

Parents Right to Know

Foundation Academy is in year 3 School Improvement. We have made our value-added requirements for the past 3 years. All of our staff is HQT (Highly Qualified Teachers).

Supplemental Education Services (SES)

Services are available for your child through Culliver Reading Center. Please contact the school for more information.